99 Problems Goldfish Sticker
99 Problems Goldfish Sticker
99 Problems Goldfish Sticker

99 Problems Goldfish Sticker

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99 Problems Goldfish Sticker is a cute vinyl sticker that depicts a gold ranchu fancy goldfish that is a beloved fish for aquarium keepers and fish lovers and text that says "Got 99 problems, but can't remember them". Goldfish have short memory capability, of 3 seconds! If you have a bad memory or short attention span, this cutie fish sticker is a fun sticker for you, a friend or family member. This cute fish design makes for a great gift for fish keepers, animal lovers, kids and more! Available with or without text. Perfect for laptops, water bottles, notebooks and much more.

  • Printed on a white premium adhesive film with a glossy weather resistant laminate with a 2-4 year minimum outdoor life.
  • Printed on a PVC-free film that’s environmentally friendly
  • White premium PP film with a permanent adhesive
  • PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight

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