Honeypress is a Filipina-owned stationery boutique based out of Clayton, North Carolina that curates specialty paper goods, party supplies, and novelty gifts. We also specialize in unique, high quality Japanese stationery products.

Ever since I was in kindergarten, I've been obsessed with stationery. I remember going into the tiny circle entrance at Imaginarium and marveling at the sticker wall. I begged my mom to get me a sticker book that I could sort my entire collection of holographic stickers. It continued on with the introduction to Sanrio and the entire stationery line with Hello Kitty pencil cases, My Melody pens, and Bad Batz Maru puffy stickers. My obsession continued. When I was in fifth grade, I was introduced to Japanese stationery stores and fell further down the rabbit hole of pretty paper and fine tipped pens. 

Having grown up in San Jose, California, I had easy access to Japanese stationery stores like Maido, Kinokuniya, and Daiso. The quality of their products was excellent while also having an affordable cost that was accessible to me as a preteen. I moved to North Carolina in high school and found that I didn’t have the same access to those products. Not much has changed in the past twenty years. To access these products, you have to purchase them from Amazon or from sites that are based out of Japan and China. I decided that I wanted to provide a home grown source for people to have these high quality goods.

Stationery has been a source of joy for me throughout my life, and my business aims to share that joy with my local community. In every product I select, you can see a piece of my life and myself embedded in it.