Wake Up Call Sticker
Wake Up Call Sticker

Wake Up Call Sticker

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The Wake Up Call sticker features our favorite Asian Mom or granny, still in her curlers, waking us up to go to work or school via hitting a gong! Nothing beats the angry and or aggressive Asian Mom yelling at us to get out of bed--it's the alarm clock that keeps you accountable! The Wake Up Call sticker comes in Cantonese English, Mandarin English, as well as their Chinese character text versions. Translation: Hei sun la / 起身啦: Get your body up! Hei Chong la / Qi Chuang La / 起床啦: Get out of bed! This vinyl decal sticker is perfect for laptops, water bottles, notebooks and much more.

Handmade with: 

  • waterproof matte vinyl sticker paper
  • great adhesion, tear resistant
  • protected with laminate layer

The colors on our product images may vary on different screens and devices due to photography, lighting, screen settings, etc. Colors on each product can also vary due to the manufacturing process.