Wedding Plum Flower Double Happiness Red Envelopes

Wedding Plum Flower Double Happiness Red Envelopes

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Gift lucky money at Weddings with a set of 3 of our luxe gold foiled plum flower Double Happiness red envelopes. Double Happiness red envelopes are used at weddings to extend good luck & blessings to the newlyweds.

Tips: Use crisp and/or new bills in the envelopes. It is customary to give out quantities in even numbers but avoid numbers ending in 4. The number 8 is regarded as a very lucky number.

The character 囍, means double happiness as it is literally two of the Chinese characters for happiness and joy 喜 set side by side. In feng shui, plum blossoms are symbols of prosperity and fruitfulness as plum trees bear fruit.

Materials: Gold Foil on Paper, with Original Illustrations Dimensions: 80mm x 120mm 

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