"Side Quest" Task Notepad (5x7) | Cute Productivity Notepad
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"Side Quest" Task Notepad (5x7) | Cute Productivity Notepad

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Our “Side Quest” productivity notepad allows you to mark your daily goals, and track your progression through important tasks. We know it can be hard to keep track of everything going on, so make it into a little game, and keep track of all your ongoing side quests. ✍️ With our “Side Quest” notepad, you can transform your day-to-day tasks into exciting quests to conquer! So, turn your to-do list into an exciting game of accomplishment and growth. Check off the point you embark on your task, to the point of completion!


  • Each notepad measures 5’ x 7’ inches
  • 50 Sheets 7
  • 0 lb. Uncoated Paper
  • Padded with Cardboard Backing
  • Packed in a protective clear cello
  • Printed in the USA ©️ 2022–2023 NEW HEIGHTS STUDIO LLC 
  • All designs, illustrations, and photography by TRACY THANH TRAN
  • All Rights Reserved.

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