Ay Nako Sticker

Ay Nako Sticker

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This Ay Nako Filipino Mom sticker depicts a Filipino mom saying "Ay Nako!" or the Tagalog phrase that means something similar to "Oh my God"—typically said when exasperated, surprised or annoyed! This super kawaii cute and funny waterproof vinyl sticker is the perfect nostalgic Filipino gift and decor that reminds us of the ongoing disappointment we are to our Asian moms and grandmas, especially our Filipino moms 🤣🤣🤣! There's nothing like healing through poking fun at our past trauma 😭🤣 Perfect for laptops, water bottles, notebooks and much more.

Handmade with:

  • waterproof matte vinyl sticker paper
  • great adhesion, tear resistant
  • protected with laminate layer

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