8 oz Proud AF Soy Candle
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8 oz Proud AF Soy Candle

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Celebrate Pride with our PROUD AF candle. This is a limit release candle for Pride Month each year. Why? Because these multi layered rainbow candles are hard AF to make and require a lot of work. But we feel it is a season worth celebrating.

SMELLS LIKE: loving who you are Scent: fruit loops (yes, really) Layered with all the colors of the rainbow Hand-poured 100% natural soy wax 8 oz; 50+ hour burn time Our candles are made of natural soy wax with a blend of fragrance oils. Lead free cotton wicks and hand pour the candles in small batches in Virginia.

Please note that one feature of soy candles is that they can sometimes develop frosting on the sides as a result of room temperature. This is more visible with colored candles. Nothing is wrong with the the candle, just a property of soy wax.

Made in United States of America