Local Information

You can shop select inventory at the Hartwell Raleigh! Follow the Hartwell on Instagram for Retail and Bar Hours. Hours will vary week to week.

Week of 10/24/21


To opt into local pickup, please email honeypress-nc@gmail.com before submitting your order with the following information:

  • Your first and last name on the order
  • Which market, date, and time you want to pick-up the order (see calendar below which markets that I'll be at)
  • If any of your items are gifts and if you would like them to be wrapped

Once this information is received, I'll send you a unique code for you to bypass shipping costs. Please keep in mind that once you select Local Pickup you cannot switch over to having your items shipped to you. 

Below are the dates, locations, and times that are available for local pickup. Make sure to bring your confirmation email and ID to the next available pickup day and time. Locations will vary throughout the year. Please refer to the calendar for location details